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52 x 30 min series

Li’l Horrors is a puppet sitcom set in a spooky old house owned by Morbidda Bates, a retired horror movie actress. The series follows the (mis-) adventures of the Li’l Horrors as they squabble, tease and laugh, and generally have a monster of a time.

There’s Vlad, the mischievous little schemer who thinks he’s too cool for school. Strong and trusting Duncan Stein was not so much born yesterday as born today. Bossy and vain Medusilla has unruly snakes for hair and a lot of very bad hair days. New age, bandage-bound mummy Cleo sometimes seems just a little wrapped-up in herself. Abercrombie the zombie doesn’t need food or sleep, which means he doesn’t have to interrupt his TV viewing. Werewolfish tomboy Claudia lives in fear of transforming into a sweet little girl every full moon. Webster Swampson is the creature from the Mauve Lagoon, who’s really just a scaredy swamp thing and is frightened of everything, especially water.

Li’l Horrors is classy and comical and packed with monsterly fun. When it first aired in 2000, the show stretched the boundaries of the imagination and set a new standard in children’s puppetry entertainment.